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Using Google Home to Sell Insurance

YES! It is possible. Since before the Google Home was even made available in Canada, developers at Kanetix Ltd. have been working with the Google Assistant's application programming interface (API) to search for insurance quotes using voice.

Voice is quickly becoming a new sales channel. Machine learning technology has attained new levels of accuracy such that machine voice recognition is now at par with humans.

Google Machine Learning Word Accuracy

The sales of smart speakers have quickly accelerated and have become very competitive. With the Amazon Echo being first to market it currently dominates sales however, we see that Google Home, Apple HomePod and Sonos have started to gain marketshare very quickly as soon as they are made available.

Smart speaker

At Kanetix, we chose to implement insurance quoting and sales using the Google Home. Their APIs allowed us to train the machine to recognize our brands such as "Kanetix" and "Insurance Hotline". Check out this video showing how our brands are invoked to get a travel insurance quote.

The Google Home asks for a phone number to text you the final quotes and options along with a URL. Tapping on the URL launches the browser and loads a landing page showing quote details and the option to purchase directly from your smartphone.

Insurance quote from voice search

When it comes to purchasing complex financial products, it may be difficult to understand all the details of what you are getting purely by voice. Return path to the quotes and detailed information from the voice quote is an important aspect of the customer experience to integrate. receives over 400 conversations per month on Google Home from users looking for insurance quotes by voice. Both auto and travel insurance are supported.