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Kanetix Ltd. Celebrates International Women's Day 2018

One of the most fulfilling aspects of being a leader at Kanetix is building a business with a team where 50% of the executive leadership are women. In my over 15 years experience as a technology executive, this is my first team where 50% of the members are women. Kanetix always supported gender equality and cultural diversity. We officially became a team of 4 men and 4 women January 2017. Since then, Kanetix has become amongst the most innovative thought leaders when it comes to digital and technology in the InsurTech industry. We made this video to honour the achievements of women at Kanetix.

Here are some of the successful innovations we worked on as a team led by women.

  • We achieved significant business lift working with Google's new machine learning support AdWords platform. Google showcased our work on ThinkWithGoogle. Our case study can be found here. Our work was recognized by the Canadian insurance industry and we received an Insurance Canada Technology Award for our thought leadership. This project was led by Leonie Tait, VP Marketing.

  • We worked with startup, Integrate.AI, to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to better improve customer experience on insurance comparison website resulting in a 13% increase in transactions. This initiative was led by Janine White, VP Marketplaces & Strategy Development.

  • We shared the top spot at the Insurance Canada Technology Awards recognizing the partnership between Kanetix Digital and Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP). We deployed our advanced digital skills in marketing and conversion rate optimization to help them get better insurance programs for more teachers. Kelly Emery, VP Kanetix Digital led this partnership and all its achievements.

  • Last but not least, in the past 24 months, Kanetix is world class in terms of employee experience and engagement. Employee satisfaction is consistently 80% top 2 box across all teams and departments with low attrition rates. Reygan Hale leads everything advancing employee experience at Kanetix from recruiting to career development.

I look forward to continuing to develop our passion and growing our organization with leading edge innovation and a "get it done" attitude.