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Innovation in Insurance: Beyond Blockchain & AI

I had great pleasure working with the Insurance Institute to bring this livestream presentation and panel discussion on innovation in insurance. The Insurance Institute is the premier source of professional education for P&C insurance in Canada, setting industry standards through the CIP and FCIP designations. This was shot live inside the Kanetix studios in our beautiful office space. Margaret Parent was the moderating host. Marc Lipman, COO, AIG Canada and Chris Murumets, Cookhouse Labs joined me to talk about about technology and the future of the Canadian insurance industry.

In this livestream presentation, we discuss the importance of innovation in the industry, who’s doing it and who’s doing it well. We also talk about how close we really are to popularizing smart contracts and working with AI on both the underwriting and claims sides, and the implications of these shifts, including what is anticipated for the workforce.

See the full video and presentations below. Enjoy and check back to this blog for more live stream videos with the insurance industry.