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Four Technologies to Watch in 2018 Influencing InsurTech

InsurTech is a very hot topic in the insurance industry. In partnership with, I had the opportunity to present my thoughts on how the latest developments in data acquisition and mining have accelerated the many different ways we can artificial intelligence to grow business. The result is that we will see new expectations in customer experience where data is integrated into creating frictionless multi-channel sales and service process.

Other featured panelists also shared their value research and learnings in technology trends that influence CX. They included the following.

Joseph D'Souza, CEO, ProNavigator

Iliana Oris Valiente, Blockchain Innovation Lead, Accenture

Cletus Nunes, Sr. Sales Director, Octo Telematics

Patrick Vice, Partner,

If you missed the webinar live, you can catch up below.

Check back often. I will be posting other livestream and webinar videos. I am constantly working with industry educators to bring more knowledge and insights on digital customer acquisition and other technological disruption that impact the insurance industry.