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Dream or Reality? Driverless Cars by 2020.

CES 2018 is just around the corner and every year there are massive progress and announcements are made about technological progress on driverless cars. CES has rapidly become the world's most important car show when it comes to automotive tech.

So what still needs to be developed before driverless cars can be used by anyone and everyone?

1. Artificial Intelligence - Needed to make the correct living changing decision to get passengers around with absolutely safety.

2. 5G Networks - If we have driverless cars everywhere, they need to communicate to one another. We need fast networks with no latency for real time communications.

3. High Definition Maps - Maps need 3-D topographic displays rendered with skies, buildings, and live traffic information so cars know where they are going.

4. Auto Insurance - How will this work when everyone's car does not require a driver?

For my detailed insights and analysis on what it will take to fully commercialize the driverless car check out my article on the section of the Toronto Star.

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