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Optimizing Human-Digital Interaction for Your InsurTech

How consumers are using technology today for needs of everyday life such as communications and purchasing is deeply having an impact on how they want to purchase and use insurance going forward. The insurance industry is pouring billions of dollars into changing both the consumer experience and associated back-end technology to meet new rapidly changing expectations.

Your first release of any insurtech will not be optimal. You must be prepared to tweak and test continuously to ensure the user experience is optimal. Optimization can be achieved through A/B testing and analytics. A/B testing lets you test your hypothesis while analytics will determine where you hypothesis increases engagement, click through and revenue.

Check out this article on for all the details on how you can achieve human-digital optimization.

Recently, Janine White, VP, Marketplaces, and I recorded a YouTube livestream video moderated by Patrick Vice, You can watch the entire presentation below.

At Kanetix, we conduct multiple A/B tests per week on all our search and compare web sites. We are constantly learning and discovered that even small changes to the creative to tweaking the user flow gains trust and removes friction for customers. To see our live A/B test, get a car insurance quote from and you can observe what we are testing on any given day. Have fun and always be learning.

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