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10 Tech Advancements Take Make Cars Easier to Use

In the last 5 years, tons of advancements have been made to make driving safer and easier. This is great news for the driver and makes things very interesting for the insurance industry. While safer means less claims, it also means higher repair cost. A minor bumper scrape could mean the replacement of multiple sensors and other electronics to restore the vehicle.

Here are 10 technological advancements that make driving much easier and safer. My favourite is by far the heads-up display on my BMW. (HUD).

1. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

2. Electronic Stability Control

3. Traction Control

4. Forward Collision Warning

5. Automatic Emergency Braking

6. Lane Departure Warning

7. Lane-Keeping Assist

8. Blind Spot Detection

9. 360 Degree Multi-View Camera with HUD

10. Adaptive Cruise Control

For full analysis, read my article on new technology and how learning about their proper use can lead to a better driving experience.